WindBurner Stock Pot 4.5L

WindBurner Stock Pot 4.5L

from Cascade Designs

  • $109.95

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Not only is the WindBurner Stock Pot perfect for large volume cooking,  it features an integrated heat exchanger that delivers ultra-efficient  boil times, to cook meals quick for hungry groups at camp. The perfect  accessory pot for WindBurner Stove Systems, the 4.5 L hard-anodized  aluminum pot features fixed handles for easy lifting and a strainer lid  with locking latches.  Compatible exclusively with WindBurner Stove Systems.  Not for use with the WindBurner Personal Stove System.  Experience the WindBurner Stove System Collection   Group Cooking: 4.5 L Pot is designed for group & large volume cooking. 
Ultra-Efficient: Integrated heat exchanger for fast boil times, with less fuel used. Compact Nesting: Pot perfectly nests WindBurner® Group Stove System for efficient packing. Stable: Self-centering pot fits WindBurner stoves’ deep lip for increased stability. Features:  4.5 L hard-anodized aluminum pot with fixed handles Aluminum strainer lid with locking latches Made in Thailand

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