Agdor 20 Splitting Axe

Agdor 20 Splitting Axe

from Hults Bruk

  • $129.00

The Agdor 20 Splitting Axe is a small splitting axe intended for light duties such as making firewood or kindling.

Purpose-built for splitting wood, featuring Hults Bruk’s Swedish splitting pattern to reduce friction and wedge logs open with explosive power. A small splitting axe, the Agdor 20 is intended for lighter tasks such as making firewood or kindling. A 2-pound razor-sharp axe head is paired with a 20-inch American hickory handle for packability on the trail or in the truck. Painted Agdor blue and expertly hand forged from premium Swedish steel, so it’s razor-sharp and ready to use out of the box. Accompanied by a premium leather sheath handcrafted in Waynesville, N.C. using traditional methods.


  • 2 pound splitting pattern, hand forged axe head
  • 20-inch American hickory handle
  • Tempered zone helps to keep the axe sharp after many sharpenings.
  • Hand-forged and ground in a factory operating since 1697.
  • Includes a US-made leather sheath, constructed by expert leather makers in North Carolina


  • MPN: H840580

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