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Sigmund is in may ways unique and a Historic Helle knife created for the 2012 anniversary and it has quite the story to tell.  Designed by two generations or Helle men. Blade designed by Sigmund Helle in the 1930’s and its handle by his son Torodd Helle in 2012. Representing 80 years of tradition. The Sigmund is a classic all-purpose knife. It’s beautifully crafted handle made of  stacked pieced of dark oak mixed with pieces of leather givet the knife personality as a worthy masterpiece. The knives comes with an out of the box popping sharp triple laminated steel blade.The medium size handle has been hand sanded to a satin finish and offers a medium size grip large enough for medium to large hands. A small but important fingerboard guides for a secure position even when holding a grip close to the sharp bladeThe Sigmund knife comes with a genuine leather sheath, also out of the ordinary. Imputed using old tools giving the leather an unique and historic design. Specifications Weight: 94g Blade material: Triple laminated Helle steel, stainless Blade thickness: 3,0 mm Blade length: 107 mm Blade construction: Stick tang Handle material: Beech, leather and dark oak Sheath material: Genuine leather Design by: Helle design Design year: 2012

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