Platypus Gravityworks Replacement Reservoirs

Platypus Gravityworks Replacement Reservoirs

from Cascade Designs

  • $54.96

Replace worn-out or damaged reservoirs, or adapt the capacity of your existing GravityWorks system to meet the needs of any trip.

Product Details

  • Unique, dual-layer laminate combines a rugged exterior with a food-grade, taste-free interior.
  • Reservoirs are interchangeable with any GravityWorks system, allowing you to create the capacity you need for any trip.
  • 4.0L Kit includes: 4.0L Dirty Reservoir with Quick Disconnect and 4.0L Clean Reservoir.
  • 2.0L Kit Includes: 2.0L Dirty Reservoir with Quick Disconnect.

Product Specifications

  • Weight (4 Liter): 6 oz/0.17 kg
  • Weight (2 Liter): 2.2 oz/0.06 kg

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