Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray On

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray On

from Liberty Mountain Sports

  • $10.75

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray On comes with complimentary free shipping from Trail and Ski.

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proofâ„¢ is easy and quick to apply; either  spray or sponge on to wet boots. Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proofâ„¢  provides highly Durable Water Repellency (DWR) which develops on air  drying. It leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual  fibers of nubuck and suede. This allows moisture vapor to pass through,  maintaining breathability and keeping your feet dry. Nikwax Nubuck  & Suede Proofâ„¢ has been specifically designed and optimized for  nubuck and suede combination footwear and will maintain the texture of  the materials.  Nikwax takes great care to minimize the effect of Nikwax products on the  environment and on you, the consumer. Nikwax waterproofing products are  WaterBased, non-aerosol, non-flammable, non-hazardous and  environmentally friendly. They contain no harmful solvents or volatile  organic compounds (VOCs), and are completely free of fluorocarbons . 

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