MSR Alpine Fry Pan

MSR Alpine Fry Pan

from Cascade Designs

  • $39.95

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If you really want to cook like you do at home, our stainless steel Alpine Skillet will do it. The secret is a heat-spreading aluminum disc welded to the bottom, just like high-end home cookware. The result is an efficient and even heat that will keep your meal options wide open. Product Details Superior Performance: Stainless steel with aluminum bottom disc for superior efficiency and heat distribution Compact: Folding/removable handle; nests inside Alpine 3L Pot Product Specifications Weight (Standard): 11.4oz Weight (Metric): 0.32 kg Height (Standard): 2 in Height (Metric): 5.08 cm Diameter (Standard): 8 in Diameter (Metric): 20.32 cm

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