Luxilon Max Dry 3PK

Luxilon Max Dry 3PK

from Wilson Sporting Goods

  • $7.99

Luxilon Max Dry 3PK comes with complimentary free shipping from Trail and Ski.

Upgrade feel, tack and moisture absorption when you apply Luxilon’s Max Dry Overgrip, an evolution of the Elite Dry Overgrip. Equipped with properties that lend improved feel, consistent moisture absorption and increased tackiness, this overgrip performs at its best when the action on the court heats up. Fully recyclable packaging adds an eco-friendly touch to Luxilon’s top grip primed to help keep your hands dry. Features: Soft-Touch fabric lends comfortable feel Moisture-Tack technology provides increased tackiness while sweating Enhanced feel and moisture absorption Fully recyclable packaging Includes 3 overgrips per pack

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