Hoser Reservoir

from Cascade Designs

  • $29.95

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The Hoser hydration system is a light, versatile hydration system that has become a backcountry classic. It has a simple, durable design that is practical for any activity and it comes in four handy sizes to fit practically any pack.

Product Details

  • Taste-free as well as BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free.
  • Food-grade liner with rugged exterior is pliable and durable.
  • Embedded silver-ion protects bottle from mold and bacteria.
  • Hydration hose with lapel clip and Hyperflow bite valve makes it easy to drink on the go.
  • Screw-top closure stands up to rugged use.
  • Compatible with any threaded Platy lid or drink tube.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity (2 Liter): 70 fl. oz
  • Weight (2 Liter): 3.6 oz/0.1 kg
  • Width (2 Liter): 6 in/15 cm
  • Length (2 Liter): 16 in/40.5 cm
  • ---------------------------------------
  • Capacity (3 Liter): 100 fl. oz
  • Weight (3 Liter): 3.8 oz/0.11 kg
  • Width (3 Liter): 7 in/18 cm
  • Length (3 Liter): 16.5 in/42 cm
  • ---------------------------------------
  • Spout material: Polyethylene
  • Bite valve material: Silicone
  • Finger loop material: Polyethylene
  • Drink tube material: Polyurethane

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