Hair Ties

Hair Ties

from Pro Hair Tie

  • $2.25

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PRO Hair Ties is an athleisure accessory brand designed for the modern female with an active lifestyle.Traditional hair ties regularly pull out chunks of hair. This ponytail holder should compliment your hair and style, not destroy it. Thus the PRO Hair Tie was born. It is made of a silicone material and sprayed with a non-stick coating to prevent it from “sticking” to hair. It features an easy-release clasp that eliminates the tangling and pulling that traditional hair ties cause. The clasp was designed to release only when lifted at an angle. Otherwise, it will stay securely fastened.The round-to-flat beaded design ensures a secure hold on all hair types and in all hair styles. Unlike a traditional hair tie, the PRO Hair Tie will always return to its original shape.Since its creation, thousands of females of all ages have trusted the PRO Hair Tie to securely hold their hair in place and not damage it when removed. We hope that you give the PRO Hair Tie a try - you will not be disappointed.

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