Glacier Gel

Glacier Gel

from Adventure Medical Kits/Tender

  • $10.00

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The next generation in blister dressings - Glacier Gel is easy to apply and stays in place for multiple days. The waterproof, breathable adhesive gels are highly cushioning, cooling and absorbent which provides instant and complete pain relief for blisters and burns. Including antiseptic wipes that disinfect and keep open blisters from infection. Features and Benefits Relieve Pain Instantly GlacierGel blister dressings stop pain and start the healing process on contact. Waterproof & Breathable Keeps the blister area clean and protected while allowing moisture to escape the dressing. One Step Application Just peel the protective membrane from the dressing and apply. No tape needed. Specifications Size: 4.25" x 6.5" x .5" Weight: 1.6 oz. Group Size: 1 Person Trip Duration: Multiple Days

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