Terra System Adjustable

from Croakies

  • $7.99

Retainer with multiple end options and adjustable slider bead. This sport retainer comes with multiple end options. Just cinch the adjustable slider bead tight to your head for a tight, secure fit during your most active moments or pull it all of the way back for a more relaxed fit.


  • 12 long (each side) x 3.2 mm (diam.)
  • Re-attachable Ends
  • Durable woven climbing rope
  • Colorfast & washable
  • Adjustable black bead
  • Made in the USA

End Options

  • Regular Ends: 3-5mm
  • Tite Ends: 6-7mm
  • XL Ends: 6-9mm
  • XL Tite Ends: 7-10mm
  • XXL Ends: 9-15mm