Dakota 5-Finger Glove

Dakota 5-Finger Glove

from Hestra

  • $70.00

Dakota 5-Finger Glove comes with complimentary free shipping from Trail and Ski.

A supple and versatile, unlined leather glove suitable for a range of outdoor activities. Made entirely in cowhide and with Gun Cut construction for improved dexterity.

  • Windproof
  • Unlined
  • Perfect for outdoor, hiking, hunting & fishing, etc.
  • Sewing technique that Hestra uses for several models. It provides excellent comfort for the fingers.
  • Outer Material - Impregnated Cowhide. A durable and proofed leather with hardwearing properties often used in Hestra sport gloves.


  • To find the absolute perfect fit, print out this chart and use it to find your size
  • Alternatively, measure around your palm at its widest point, and then from your longest fingertip to the bottom of your palm, and then compare your measurements to the chart below

Glove Size         Palm Circumference               Hand Length

Small.                            76.8” - 7.7”                                 6.7”

Medium                        87.8” - 8.7”                                 7.2”

Large                             98.8” - 9.7”                                 7.6"

Extra Large                         109.8” - 10.7”                               8”

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