Blister Medic  w/GlacierGel

Blister Medic w/GlacierGel

from Adventure Medical Kits/Tender

  • $9.99

Blister Medic w/GlacierGel comes with complimentary free shipping from Trail and Ski.

The Blister Medic is the best of both worlds, combining the tried-and-true protection and blister prevention of Moleskin with the advanced relief and healing of Glacier Gelâ„¢ hydrogel dressings.  Alcohol pads for skin preparation and antiseptic towelettes for wound cleaning round out the package. Features and Benefits Prevent Blisters from Forming Moleskin immediately reduces friction, keeping hot spots from developing into blisters. Leave the Scissors at Home 11 die-cut moleskin pieces per sheet, each specifically shaped to fit common blister areas. No scissors required! Relieve Pain Instantly GlacierGel blister dressings stop pain and start the healing process on contact. Disinfect Wounds Included antiseptic wipes disinfect open blisters to keep infections at bay. Specifications Size: 4.25" x 6.5" x .5" Weight: 1.9 oz. Group Size: 1 Person Trip Duration: Multiple Days

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