Adventure Dog Series, Heeler

Adventure Dog Series, Heeler

from Adventure Medical Kits/Tender

  • $9.99

Adventure Dog Series, Heeler comes with complimentary free shipping from Trail and Ski.

Playing in the backyard or hiking the nearby trails, the Heeler is compact enough to go where ever you and your buddy do, and has the basics to keep your four-legged sidekick happy, healthy, and cruising by your side.KIT DETAILSSize: 6.75 x 1.5 x 6.5Weight: 0.169Group Size: 1 PersonTrip Duration: Day TripsSplinter Picker/Tick RemoverSafely remove splinters and ticks from your dog's paws and body.Triangular BandageSafely administer first aid to your dog by first muzzling them with this triangular bandage.Cohesive Elastic BandageEasily wrap injuries with this self-adhering bandage which doesn't stick to fur.

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