Womens Four Layer Soft Rubber Wedge w/ a Leather Strap

from Rainbow Sandals

  • $41.99

The original four layer soft rubber wedge; features four amazing layers of Soft Rubber and a Leather Strap. These are simply awesome!


  • Soft Closed Cell EVA Rubber
  • Four Layers 1 3/4" Tall
  • Printed Rainbow Logo on Heel
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Double Stitched
  • Triple Glued Layers
  • Box X Stitching Pattern
  • Rainbow Non-Slip Bottom
  • Original Rainbow Logo

The Four layer soft top wedge has been a hidden gem in our line for years. It’s soft rubber is so comfortable and last so long that you might never need another pair. They are 1 3/4" tall at the heel and have a Rainbow logo printed on the top sole.

We use bonded nylon thread to double stitch the leather straps, only the best materials are used so it won’t fray or come out. The toe piece has our box X stitch pattern and is secured by triple gluing the layers together.

They are finished off with the Rainbow non-slip bottom and Original Rainbow label on the right toe.

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