Classic Wool Ski Hat: Pom Whirlaway

Classic Wool Ski Hat: Pom Whirlaway

from Turtle Fur

  • $47.00

Bands of traditional nordic inspired patterns encircle this unique beanie for a true classic winter beanie. The oversized pom on top is the perfect way to top off the last winter hat you'll need for the slopes, snow and trails. Its authentic 100% wool composition makes this hat super warm, even on the most brutal winter days. Material and thoughtful design only add to this hat's utility: Wool is naturally heat retentive, water repellent, highly breathable and antibacterial (which helps to keep it passing the sniff test and feeling fresh) and still stays warm when wet (think heavy snow or rain). Meanwhile, our incredibly warm and soft Original Turtle Fur Fleece band lining is built in to each of our Classic Wool Ski Hats. This fleece lining eliminates itch and traps additional heat around your ears and forehead, while providing breathability when needed through the unlined crown portion. 

  • 100% Wool
  • Earband Lined with Original Turtle Fur Fleece
  • Hand Wash Cool

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