Deerskin Lavawool

Womens Deerskin Lavawool

from Gordini Gloves

  • $69.99

Product Details 

  • Shell: Genuine deer skin leather.
  • Insulation: Plush Lavawool® moisture management and thermal enhancement system.


  • Lavawool® fleece.
    • Engineered by Gordini® to combine the warmth of wool with the comfort and wicking superiority of fleece, Lavawool® in independent tests outperforms 100% wool and leading synthetic fabrics. How? Lavawool® utilizes the inherent insulating properties of wool to keep you warm; but, unlike pur wool, which absorbs and retains moisture, Lavawool® wicks moisture quickly from you skin and garment with its patented weave of synthetic fibers and wool. This marriage of fibers is the Lavawool® advantage – keeping you drier and warmer wherever your cold weather adventures take you.

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