San Luis Park Loop Trail

San Luis Park Loop Trail

If you are around FSU campus, there is a small trail tucked away off Tharpe and San Luis Road. San Luis Park Loop Trail ranges from 1.5-1.9 miles due to the numerous side trails that hikers can take. This site is not to be confused with the Mission San Luis Living museum which is located on Tennessee Street. While the names can be misleading, the trails are worth the visit.

We hiked 1.9 miles of the trail, starting at the north end near the parking lot. We started up a decent incline, gaining roughly 90 feet in elevation. A small section towards the highest point was sectioned off, but a side trail allowed us to reach the highest point. As we hiked back down, towards the lake, we stumbled on some vibrant Spider Lilies amongst the greenery. On that northern section of the trail, there were many squirrels, cardinals, and wildflowers.


Once we reached the entrance of the park, we crossed the road of the park to reconnect with the trail. That section followed the West perimeter of the lake. That brought us up another jaunt of increasing elevation that could leave some catching their breath.


From there, you can take several paths to have a longer or shorter hike. We decided to take one of the cuts that looped towards the dog park. The dog park was in good condition. Not much grass but the area was well kept and there was no loose trash for the dogs to pick up.


We followed the paved road until we hit the boardwalk, where we decided to sit and enjoy seeing the many turtles in the water below. The boardwalk has many benches, so if one is occupied, there’s still a chance of another being open. While our hike was short this park does have a lot to offer for novice and experienced hikers alike.



Park Amenities:

  • Dog Park for Small and Large dogs
  • Benches throughout the trail
  • Boardwalk across the lake
  • Children’s playground
  • Many pavilions with picnic benches


Overall, this trail can get busy during fall and early spring and because it is high traffic, there is a greater chance of seeing trash thrown aside. While this is discouraging to see, we can all do our part and pick up what we can and toss or recycle when possible. In spite of that, we had a good time and it was nice to have a short trail that looped us right back to our car.


Overall Rating: 4/5, we enjoyed the park but the trash left around was disappointing.


Difficulty: Easy

You can bring a furry friend on the trail but keep them on a leash unless within the dog park.

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